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Reality TV Pros Management takes an innovative and creative approach to representing its clients. The head of Reality TV Pros Management, Michael London, utilizes his over 30 years of extensive experience, relationships and connections in the entertainment business, to service his clients.

Michael is perhaps the most experienced reality TV attorney in the country. Michael’s first reality TV client was Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, Inc., the producers of the “Unsolved Mysteries” show, which he has continuously represented since 1986. He has represented numerous reality TV shows in his capacity as a lawyer.

Currently Michael manages cast members on a number of reality TV shows, including many of the “Swamp People”, the cast of “Party Down South“, Kim Richards from “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills“, many of the “Ax Men”, the cast of “Swamp Pawn“, EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder from “Naked And Afraid”, “American Daredevils“ Spanky and Bryan Spangler, “Operation Repo” Lou, Sonia and Lyndah Pizarro” and “American River Rats” Kip Benoit and Ward Martin.